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- Our Mission -
Our Mission here at SNS Patent Drafting is to save Intellectual Property Professional's time, money, and to visually communicate Utility and Design Patent Drawings to enhance the understanding of your Intellectual Property Designs.

- About -

The Best Global Intellectual Property Design Firm with Trusted U.S. Patent Drawing Professionals Executing Precise Patent Illustrations.

At SNS Patent Drafting, our passion is to ensure stronger IP applications. Imagination through text is often lost -- readers don't know what they are imagining, how big the invention is, or how it works in motion.
SNS Patent Drafting visually communicates the overall invention(s) through Legal Patent drawings/ illustrations, always abiding by all USPTO rules (and all foreign office rules including WIPO).

SNS Patent Drafting was established in 2016. We collaborate with top Intellectual property lawyers here in sunny Southern California and attend seminars, conventions, virtual meetings, workshops, and other EVENTS globally to be the best at what we do.

Another thing we enjoy doing is guiding Inventors and entrepreneurs towards protecting their intellectual property. We have a high network of Intellectual Property Professionals that are here to help whenever you are ready!

Third, being pulled in different directions due to our art style, we have been working with clients on User Guide Manuals, Logos, Patterns, Packaging, Labels, Printed Products, and Mock Proposals to name a few.

Whether it be illustrations for a Utility Patent ($50+) application, Design Patent ($100+application, Trademark application, Trade Dress application, User Guide Manual and/or a Logo for a small business or product,
SNS Patent Drafting is here for you!
We pride ourselves in the arts, our efficiency, friendliness,
and quality of work.
~ Located in Los Angeles, California & Available Worldwide ~

See some of Our Work on our here or check out our Blog!

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